What We Do

Specialty Security Consultants

As security consultants, we offer services through our four primary deliverables:

Security Checkpoint Set-up and Management

Planning and training to support your security architecture.

Risk Identification and Preparedness for Special Events

Action plans for your public or private special event

Strategic and Tactical Planning

We create a plan for before, during, and after an attack

Private Training

Intelligence-based classroom instruction and training for your team

The combined arms approach to security operations. Utilizing staff, faculty, students and campus partners as force multipliers to increase security effectiveness and ensure safety. People are our best resource to identify and react to threats. Increasing their awareness is a low cost, force multiplier to increase your security effectiveness and improve your safety.

Who We Work With

College Security

School and Learning Facilities

Mass Transit Hubs

Financial Institutions

Executive Protection

Health Care Facilities

Parking Garages and Lots

Manufacturing Plants and Factories