About Us

ARM Risk Mitigation

ARM Risk Mitigation is a veteran owned and operated, small business centered on the anti-terrorism education, risk assessment and mitigation of Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Education, and Corporate entities.

ARM Risk Mitigation was founded Lyle Armstrong in 2014 after realizing that there was an anti-terrorism training gap in the educational system. This gap exists because the existing companies delivering anti-terrorism training all market to federal government. That means that their product is expensive. Both founders, being parents with children in the education system, decided to go into business to bring this training to you at an affordable price. We bring real world experience related to current and historical Terrorist Training, Tactics, and Procedures to include the migration to other terrorist entities and regions.

ARM Risk Mitigation has several instructors from various military and law enforcement backgrounds whom are all passionate about educating the personnel tasked to protect the general public against a growing explosive threat.

Our Belief

ARM Risk Mitigation believes that there is a very real threat in this world; that it is not a matter of “IF”, it is a matter of “When and Where”. Our young people today are just like us when we were young adults; Impressionable, naïve, longing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. With the rampant use of today’s social media, the radicalization of our youth has never been easier! Time and time again, you hear of another American citizen joining the ranks of a terror organization. America’s educational institutions will be on the front lines of the ever expanding extremist threat.

Our Approach

The foremost that safety should not only be for those with giant wallets. ARM Risk Mitigation’s pricing structure is consistently below our competitors’. ARM Risk Mitigation believes that targeting specific segments of your organization will help you gain the highest rewards from our services while minimally impacting your daily operations. Our services are designed to train your organization to present a “Hard Target” to those that mean to do you harm.